Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation

In 2021 we volunteered to plant trees for the Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation Group (MPKC).

MPKC functions to raise awareness around the issues koalas and other wildlife face on the Mornington Peninsula, where more than 70% of koala habitat is on private property, habitat and vegetation loss are the main drivers for the decline in local biodiversity.

To rebuild the local habitat, MPKC plants at least 20,000 trees each year and give away in excess of 10,000 trees to eligible properties. ⁠

From Jan 1st 2023 Nourished Skin Co will be sponsoring MPKC and donating 1 tree for every $200 of online orders.

This will help MPKC continue their invaluable contribution to our environment and the conservation of our native flora and fauna 🌏🌱⁠

At Nourished Skin Co we are incredibly passionate about the environment and we are so proud to be able to sponsor and support this amazing group and their tireless work.⁠

If you would like to donate or become a member visit  💚🐨🌳⁠