What are the benefits of plant oils for dry skin

Winter is here: the season of cosy fireside evenings, hot chocolate… and dry, flaky skin. Only winter skin can still be nourished, healthy skin— as long as you’re using organic skincare products with natural organic ingredients.

To keep your complexion healthy and avoid dull skin and sensitive skin, avoid water-based products. Choose the best face products for dehydrated skin: oil-based skincare. Waterless skincare is your best ally for the winter months— read on to find out the why and how.

Why waterless natural skincare for winter skin?

Water-based skincare makes up most beauty products on the market. If you look at these formulations, you’ll find that water is the first ingredient. So what’s the problem with it? When too much of your formulation is water (up to 70% in many face products), you have little space left for truly nourishing ingredients. At Nourished Co, we pack our skincare with plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients for glowing skin. We choose light-weight oil-based ingredients that allow us to give you natural, healthy skin goodness.
The winter months are notorious for dry skin that feels parched, dull, and lifeless. Water-based products don’t fix your skin dehydration or restore your barrier function. Instead, they evaporate on your skin, prevent you from absorbing the plant actives, and leave you more damaged than before.

Natural skincare products for winter nourished skin.

Water-based beauty products have an even worse problem: toxic preservatives and bacteria growth. Because bacteria thrive in watery environments (but not in oil base), manufacturers have to use artificial preservatives to keep the product “clean” or to keep bacteria and mould from growing.

But these toxic preservatives also target and deplete your skin’s natural microbiome and can cause imbalances, acne, dermatitis, and other issues. That’s a nightmare for sensitive skin and can alter your skin’s health in the long term.
Organic skincare products with all-natural ingredients are best for nourished skin. And to keep all your nourishing, healthy skincare toxin-free and long-lasting, you need to use an oil base.

Oil-based natural skincare is better for you.

It’s a little-known fact that oils of any kind are inhospitable to bacteria and mould, so they can’t grow in solely oil-based formulations. You know yourself that Olive Oil never grows bacteria or mould and it doesn't have any preservatives. The same applies to all Oils.
To avoid damaging your complexion in the winter, you need to buy beauty products with organic ingredients for nourished skin. That means healthy skincare with a lightweight oil based to will support and restore dry skin, dull skin, combination skin, sensitive skin— really, any skin type.

Oils don’t need emulsifiers or preservatives, so you know you can rely on natural organic skincare products that are plant oil-based. But won’t they clog the pores? Gentle, natural ingredients and lightweight plant-based oils won’t block your complexion. On the contrary: organic ingredients like Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil regulate sebum and soften the skin.

Find them in Nourished Co’s Organic Face Oil Serum and Organic Eye Oil Serum for a complete supportive winter routine. Oil-based natural skincare will help you come out on the other side of winter with healthy skin. But it doesn’t end there! Checking the labels for natural skincare ingredients and oil-based formulations can help you cultivate glowing skin year-round.

Choose organic skin care products for nourished skin— shop now at Nourished Skin Co for 100% natural skincare and clean beauty products that really do work.