5 Healthy Skincare Tips To Turn Dull Skin Into Glowing Skin

healthy skincare for glowing skin
If you have issues with dull skin, sensitive skin, or dehydrated skin, the culprit might be your beauty products. Glowing skin starts with natural, organic, toxin-free skincare, But is it too hard to get started? We’ve got you! Keep reading to discover the principles of healthy skincare and the secret ingredients for glowing skin.
Why healthy skincare matters.
Your skin is a complex organ. It contains cells in need of nourishment that constantly renew themselves through nutrients. Also, a barrier function that seals in hydration and pores that need to breathe to keep your skin healthy.
Organic skincare products are safe for the skin and minimise sensitive skin reactions (like allergies, itchiness, and redness). They also provide nutrients for nourished skin in an effective, bioavailable form your body can easily use without building tolerance. Another benefit of using natural skincare is sustainability: by not pouring toxic waste down the drain, you help protect our planet.
When you buy beauty products, keep an eye out for toxic ingredients: parabens (disrupt hormones and are carcinogens), sulphates (irritants and culprits of dry skin), mineral oils (clog pores and kickstart acne), PEGs (carcinogenic to humans), fragrances (often hormone disruptors and carcinogens), and GMO ingredients.
Natural organic ingredients for glowing skin.
Natural, organic, toxin-free ingredients are much kinder on your skin— and provide better results long-term. All-natural skincare works together with your body instead of against it.
Some of  the best glowing skin ingredients to look for in your beauty cosmetic products are:
✧ Macadamia oil— provides hydration and nutrients, restores the skin’s function, and improves lines and dull skin (present in our best serum for glowing skin, the Organic Face Serum)
✧ Calendula— gently soothing antioxidant that restores sensitive skin (the key ingredient in Nourished Skin Co.’s Organic Calendula Balm for the body).
✧ Vitamin E— heals and repairs damaged skin, preventing ageing and irritation (a gentle active in our Organic Eye Serum).
✧ Sweet Almond Oil— protects and rebuilds damaged skin cells, soothes dehydrated skin and resolves irritation (found in both our unique serum formulations). 
Can all skin types switch to natural skincare?
In short— yes! But, though all skin types benefit from a switch to natural skincare, you should still learn your skin type to choose the best glowing skin ingredients for your complexion. 
✧ Dry skin and dehydrated skin suffer from and can show up as dull skin, flakiness, and roughness. These skin types benefit from hydrating ingredients for barrier function (like macadamia oil).
✧ Oily skin tends to look greasy, with open pores and breakouts. Natural skincare that doesn’t clog the pores is essential.
✧ Combination skin can have characteristics of both oily and dry skin: it needs balanced, organic ingredients suitable for all skin types.
✧ Sensitive skin appears fine, dull, dehydrated, and often irritated. These complexions benefit the most from gentle ingredients for skin and beauty care.
At Nourished Skin Co., we create all-natural skincare to meet the unique needs of every skin type. The best part? It’s plant based, cruelty-free, and gives you a nourished complexion long-term. Treat your skin (and our world) with kindness— buy organic skincare products for healthy skin here!