Best Natural Skincare For Babies

Best Natural Skincare For Babies  - 3 ways to use Organic Calendula Cream Balm

How can you use Organic Calendula Cream Balm to soothe and protect your baby’s skin?

As a new parent, you want to do everything you can to take care of your baby– and that includes taking good care of your baby’s delicate skin. But what kind of skincare do babies need? And how can you make sure it’s safe?

Where to find skincare for babies with only organic ingredients? Gentle, organic, and safe skincare is a first-aid essential for babies. Their skin and immune system are still developing, which makes them much more sensitive than adults. Using harsh chemicals or fragrances can irritate soft skin, so clean and gentle ingredients are the right choice. And because your baby’s skin is thinner and more porous than an adult’s, you want to use toxin-free, all-natural skincare that won’t cause any damage to the other systems in their body.

The best part? Organic skincare can be even more effective than conventional chemical products. Plus, it takes care of a planet your baby will be able to enjoy!

Why use Organic Calendula Cream Balm for babies?

The Organic Calendula Cream Balm by Nourished Skin Co. is the ideal skincare for babies, as it’s safe, clean, and organic. This multifunctional balm’s main ingredient is Organic Calendula, a flower that has provided skin soothing and protection to many cultures since ancient times. Calendula is a uniquely deep moisturiser that helps sensitive and dehydrated skin retain moisture and become healthier. Its benefits include reducing inflammatory conditions by calming histamine, protecting from environmental damage, and healing skin faster. Because of its many benefits and safe, all-natural ingredients, the Organic Calendula Cream Balm has won prestigious prizes at the Organic Beauty Awards and the Clean and Conscious Awards for Aussie-made skincare. 

How you can use Organic Calendula Cream Balm for your baby’s skin

1. Organic Calendula Cream Balm for nappy rash

Calendula is a natural remedy for nappy rash. Its mechanism of soothing histamine minimises inflammation, while its protective texture prevents friction with the nappy. This organic ingredient also fights the bacteria and fungi that can grow in this environment, keeping your baby’s skin healthy.

2. Good for many baby skin conditions

Because it’s gentle and multifunctional, the Organic Calendula Cream Balm helps calm and resolve many irritating skin conditions that commonly affect babies. This is a staple skincare item that you’ll use all the time.

3. Organic Calendula Cream Balm as a natural sleep aid for babies

All too often, it’s hard to find a natural sleep aid for babies— but Calendula is the perfect ally. Gently rub circles on your baby’s chest with Organic Calendula Cream Balm for soothing relaxation that helps them rest. 

Bonus: Organic Calendula Cream Balm for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Calendula's soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities make it a safe first-aid resource for breastfeeding ailments like cracked nipples. It is also a clean, effective option for preventing and healing stretch marks.

To take care of your baby’s skin with safe, organic ingredients (and skincare made in Australia), purchase our Organic Calendula Cream Balm. Or shop our collection of clean skincare for babies and adults!