Best eco-friendly gifts: give award-winning organic skincare

Looking for a unique and thoughtful, eco-friendly gift? As the world becomes increasingly health-conscious, more conscious people are turning to organic skincare products. And for good reason! Organic skincare isn’t just good for your skin and body: it also takes care of the environment. And what’s more thoughtful than a luxurious, all-natural treat that helps someone feel their best?

Why choose all-natural, organic skincare

The reasons why quality organic skincare made in Australia makes an excellent gift:

  • You’re giving healthy, gentle ingredients— natural skincare is the best skincare for sensitive skin, so you don’t have to ask or guess.
  • Your gift is a unique self-care experience that lasts.
  • Organic skincare is effective and toxin-free: it has no harmful chemicals that could damage the body or the environment.
  • By buying Aussie-made organic skincare (made in the Mornington Peninsula) you’re supporting your local community and reducing your carbon footprint— what’s a more thoughtful gift than that?
  • You and your loved one are taking care of the planet together!

Discover: 2022 Clean + Conscious Awards and Organic Beauty Awards

How do you know an organic skincare product is of the best quality? You go to the experts! The 2022 Clean + Conscious Awards are a women-led organisation that highlights products that are non-toxic and socially responsible (sustainable and ethical). And the 2022 Organic Beauty Awards are an unaffiliated clean beauty directory that curates a winning list of safe Aussie cosmetics since 2017. If a product has won either of these awards, you know you can trust it and gift it: it’s top quality, proven safe, and ethical!

Gift award-winning vegan skincare

1. Award-winning Organic Calendula Cream Balm

The Organic Calendula Cream Balm is a multifunctional healing balm filled with nourishing vegan ingredients that soothe and protect. The star ingredient, Organic Calendula, calms irritations, hydrates deeply, helps wounds heal, and protects the skin from environmental damage. It’s an effective belly balm and full-body moisturiser. It also helps heal irritating conditions, cracked nipples, and nappy rash, and helps your baby sleep. This calendula balm is a finalist in the Clean + Conscious Awards as Best Hand Care as well as winning the Organic Beauty Awards as Intensive Care for face and body.

2. Organic Eye Oil Serum

The Organic Eye Oil Serum is the best eye serum according to the Organic Beauty Awards. With natural Retinol and vitamins, it soothes, brightens, and refreshes the eye area (and other extra-sensitive skin). The perfect skincare for dry and sensitive skin, this organic oil is gentle and rejuvenating and contains 99.9% certified organic ingredients.

3. Organic Face Oil

The Organic Face Oil is a premium calming and hydrating glowing oil— and it’s one of the winners in the Organic Beauty Awards. Use this lightweight oil to calm and protect the skin without clogging the pores. Because its ingredients boost collagen production, it is an effective serum for ageing skin.

Can’t decide? You can also treat yourself or a loved one to a luxurious organic experience:

Who will love Nourished Skin Co.’s organic skincare?

Nourished Skin Co.’s three award-winning products are ideal skincare for all skin types and are especially good as sensitive skincare. This makes them perfect gifts for new mums as well as postpartum gifts, pregnancy gifts, or skincare for babies. But these luxurious beauty hampers aren’t only for mums: they are a thoughtful Christmas gift for mum or Christmas present for her (whoever she is!).

Do you want to give a self-care experience that will be cherished? Shop our award-winning organic skincare: it’s good for the skin and good for the world!